The Golden Chai

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Over the last few months our team have been “burning the candle at both ends” to get the first ever turmeric candle to the public. The Golden Chai is the latest edition to come out of the Sabachi & Co studio. Featuring the key ingredient of Turmeric, Golden Chai with its creamy texture, boasts the all the healthy benefits and lifestyle factors as favoured and discussed in Broadstreet Melbourne. 

Golden Chai
is our venture into the current turmeric trend that is seeing people seek alternatives for their health. We wanted to offer our customers an alternative, still with our level of luxury. We blended Golden Chai with pure turmeric, almond oil, cinnamon and black pepper cloves for optimal absorption and finished it off with Chai botanical oil for that creamy latte feel.

Turmeric is a known anti-inflammatory, a great digestive aid and an all round immune booster. It has been proven to aid brain function and activate chemicals within the brain to assist in fighting symptoms of depression and anxiety. The health benefits of turmeric are currently being brought to the forefront once again thanks to the countless bloggers and Instagrammer's who are jumping onboard. Despite the fact that turmeric health benefits can be traced as far back as the "golden ages" thanks to its potent antioxidants and medicinal properties, it seems this trend has been a long time coming.

Whilst it's never recommended to ingest the contents of a candle,it seems that it’s not only what goes into your body that makes the world of difference, it’s the atmosphere you create within your space. With turmeric proving to be the body’s miracle worker, Sabachi & Co is proving themselves to be our homes saving grace too.


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