Sabachi & Co natural soy candles are entirely Australian made and owned. Our candles are hand poured using 100% kosher certified, natural soy wax. A Sabachi & Co soy candle is made with specific attention to detail, creating true Charm and Elegance.


Our soy candles are entirely Non-Toxic, Non-Carcinogenic, GMO Free & contain no Paraffin’s. They are entirely safe to burn around expectant mothers, young children, pets and allergy sufferers.The wicks used consist of natural fibres without lead or other harmful metals and they are not tested on animals.


Sabachi & Co uses only the richest soybeans to create our products. These soybeans are Biodegradable, Eco-Friendly, Kosher certified and Vegan friendly. Our products contain no synthetic or harmful waste products. Each fragrance is created using natural Botanical Oils for an everlasting, true scent.

These beautiful aromas will enlighten your senses and light up your life ©




    • Patterson Cheney Toyota

    Sabrina was exceptional in preparing over 100 of her quality luxury candles for Patterson Cheney Toyota's Awards Night. Despite the late notice we gave her, she successfully prepared an overwhelming range of scents for us and candles that she hand poured and organised customised labels for. She was very accommodating, had great attention to detail, and the care and love she puts into her products was noticed by everyone who took their candle gift home. Both the candle presentation and gorgeous scents were talked about, and we can gladly say she has some new fans of her candle range! Thank you Sabrina, and I wish you all the best!

    • Dejai Daniel Scott

    Just like to say a huge thank you to Sabachi & Co for supplying our custom scented candle bonbonniere's for our wedding. Your team were so patient as we went through the process of creating our own his and her scents. I highly recommend anyone looking to do this to use the Sabachi Team. We still have guests commenting on the scent, and quality!! Thank you, thank you Sabachi & Co for contributing to your wedding day.

    • Charmian Pires

    I used the little ones as souvenirs for our sons First Holy Communion, ordered about 300, they were packaged so beautifully and all the guests were so impressed with the long lasting fragrance and the completely free of chemicals, natural product. They were made to perfection and delivered in time for the big day. Thank you...will definitely recommend this product over all others anytime. Thanks for the beautiful souvenirs.

    • Melanie Ross

    I wanted to thank you for the beautiful candle I bought from you yesterday. The fragrance (tropical punch) is divine, very potent and fills my whole lounge area. It exceeded my expectations. I also wanted to thank you for the time you took to explain the process involved in making these candles and the quality ingredients you use, your enthusiasm is evident. I appreciate all of the thought and extra effort you make to ensure your customer's satisfaction and really admire your passion for the craft.
    I wish you all the luck for your growing business and I will try to get over this evening to pick up some more before you leave. Thanks again.

    • Shannon Clifford‎

    Love all your candles and not only does it make my house smell great it's also an awesome moisturiser!!! Everyone always asks me what im wearing and are surprised when I say its a soy candle!!!! Love love love your products!!! Very friendly and helpful staff at southland!!

    • Ray Raydan

    I'm a candle freak and have tried many brands before but these are by far the best I have used. Smell amazing and very long lasting. Love the variety and the rare scents you provide. What's even more amazing is some of your brands have helped my asthma which gives me a much better sleep.
    Keep up the amazing work :)

    • Emile Steenveld

    I am a yoga teacher and I have candles burning all the time. Two things I look for when purchasing a candle is:
    1)How long will it last?
    2)Are they toxic?
    Sabachi's & Co not only last longer than most candles but are the safest candle on the market made from 100% Soy. I recommend these to everyone :)

    • Jessie Rene

    By far the most amazing smelling candles! Tropical punch and caramel cookie are to die for Perfect gift (literally all my family and friends got them for Christmas)! my sisters a new mumma as well so she was super conscious of what she's burning around the baby- so these were the perfect being 100% soy! Thank you for creating such a beautiful product! I couldn't recommend them more highly xx

    • Beau Joshua

    Supporting Melbourne-made products is important to me, but it's easy with these candles. Reasonable price given the quality, natural, and lasting - Love my Sabachi & Co. Cappuccino

    • Lydia N Denker

    Ohhh Mmmmm Gggg! My Caribbean Vanilla arrived today! I love candles & I love Vanilla... but oh wow this candle is AMAZING! Hands down BEST Vanilla I have ever come across! Thank you Sabachi & Co, I will be online purchasing so many more! Looking forward to owning more of your candles! Ps they also look stunning... brought some class into my house! ;) BEST!!!

    • Hassan Haidar

    I’m not a candle person but these candles smelt like the best candles I’ve ever smelt!!! So many different flavours and you kind of want to eat it because its so good.....was supposed to be a gift for someone but i kept it and got another one lol definitely recommend these to every one, guys and girls and will definitely be getting more once its finished !!!!

    • Jacqui Burgess

    Can you please please please open a store in a Canberra!!! Preferably Southside lol. I miss your candles so much. Every other one gave me migraines your Charm and Elegance is the first one that hasn't. Plus best is everytime u light it u smell a different fruit!

    • Tim Wallace

    A HUGE thank you to Sabrina and team for that special candle I got off you. It's perfect! This will be put in the collection with the other 8 I have. I plan to buy the entire range because I cannot decide on which one to buy. They are ALL amazing!! Keep up the great work. People, spread the word and share, share, share this awesome product :)

    • Nicole Hawley

    Coming from a candle enthusiast, I would like to say that these candles smell absolutely amazing, and the quality of these candles are fantastic, lasts a long time and love the fact that its environmentally friendly and toxic free, definitely going to be a regular costumer x

    • Bianca-Rose Gregory

    I've just bought my third candle from Sabachi & Co., It's amazing that I don't even have to light it and it still sends a beautiful fragrance around my house ... Even my friends are asking where to get them from. Ill be placing my Christmas orders soon.. Thanks x

    • Mel Backhouse

    Loving my new candle so much! I can smell it throughout the house and its not even lit!!! Thanks so much xoxo

    • Matt Johnston

    Your candles continuously make my house smell rich and vibrant even after snuffing. Loving serendipity and will have to make caramel cookie next on the list.

    • Maddi Wiebell

    I love Sabachi & Co candles beautiful scented candles all thanks to the beautiful lady Sabrina.
    I have recommended Sabachi & Co to family and friends and they love them and enjoy every minute of their high quality burning candles.

    • Rachel Hawley

    LOVED THEM! Can't wait for my next order! i have received them as a gift and i must say i wasn't disappointed

    • Andrew Micarelli

    Such an excellent product.....created by but an amazing person :) these candles are filled with passion and love... what an unforgettable experience... keep it up Sabachi :))

    • Roger Grant

    Sabachi's candles are unreal! Long lasting fragrances with 100% soy wax. These candles are the best I've come across. Loving the tropical fruit punch. You really have to try them to see why so many people are loving this product.

    • Joseph Fernand

    Your house will smell wonderful! you won't regret picking up a few of these fantastic candles

    • Fitsy Ibraimi

    Bought my wife a candle 2 weeks ago, she's already made me purchase another 3 since. Great range and excellent product. Have tried others but not the same.

    • Lee Linford

    Can't compliment this brand enough... The finest luxury natural candles money can buy...

    • Ivan Gvac

    Love the range and the quality of these soy candles!

    • Aaron Widyanto

    Beautiful product, great gift ideas. Highly recommended!!!





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