Are Sabachi & Co fragrances products “vegan friendly”?
Our products are not tested on animals. Our products are free from Parabens, PEGS and contain no animal bi-products and can be considered as vegan friendly.

Why is the wick curling like a mushroom?
You must trim your wick down to 3 – 5mm before relighting to prevent this from happening.

    Why can’t I relight my wick(s)?

    Ensure you have not trimmed the wick too short.

      How long should I burn my candles for?

      Sabachi & Co recommends that you burn our 100% natural soy wax candles for a maximum of 4 hours at a time to make the most of the life and scent of the candle.

        Why is the top of the candle not melting evenly?

        Make sure when you first use your candle that you wait until the whole top layer has completely melted before blowing out. This will ensure that when the candle sets it will set level which will help the candle to evenly melt each time.

          Why do some candles smell stronger than others?
          The reason different candles in our range have a stronger scent throw than others is simply because some scents are stronger than others. All Sabachi & Co candles should fill an average size room with a natural and true to life scent even before being lit.
            Why is there a black residue around the rim of my candle jar?
            A candlewick requires trimming between burns or if the candle has been burning continuously for two or more hours. The wicks should be trimmed to about 7mm from the wax, only then will the candle stop charcoaling the jar (the black residue). If there is black residue on the glass of your candle jar, dampen a piece of paper towel and wipe it clean.
              What should I do if I have an adverse reaction to one of your products?
              It is highly unlikely this would occur but in an event it should, please stop using the product and contact us HERE
                Do you test your products on animals?
                Sabachi & Co does not and will not test any of our products on animals.
                  Is it safe to use Sabachi & Co products if I'm pregnant?
                  Most of our products contain botanical oils and to the best of our knowledge they may be used during pregnancy. We would advise you to discuss your personal circumstances with a qualified medical practitioner if you have any concerns prior to using a product containing fragrance oils.
                    Do you ship Internationally?
                    Yes, we do ship Internationally. Read the terms when you reach checkout for additional shipping fees.
                      Do you share my information with anyone else? 
                      Sabachi & Co does not share your information with any third party for any reason.
                        I have a Sabachi & Co promotional code but it does not work?
                        From time to time Sabachi & Co releases promotional codes for various reasons. If your code no longer works it may be for one of the following reasons: you may have entered it incorrectly or the code is no longer valid Sabachi & Co reserves the right to remove codes without notice).
                          ONLINE SECURITY
                          Do you store credit card details?
                          No, we do not store nor can we see your credit card details when you shop online with Sabachi & Co All credit card numbers are masked and cannot be seen.
                            Is your website secure?
                            Yes, we use a secure web browser for all online shopping purchases.
                            When you proceed to the checkout area you will notice a small padlock at the top of the screen with the heading "you are using a secure server".
                              Do you have an SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) certificate?
                              Yes, we hold a current SSL certificate and we hold a merchant account with the ANZ Bank of Australia.  




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