Sabachi & Co. brings Messina's Salted Caramel to life.

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Since 2002 Gelato Messina has changed the way our tastebuds have salivated for boutique gelato flavours and bespoke gelato cakes. From their early Darlinghurst days, they established themselves as game changers with their abstract flavour concoctions, loud in-store music playlists and those waiting lines that circled the block for the first 6 months of opening. Getting your tastebuds tantalised by one of their 40 flavours started as a game of logic, the key was to go early and avoid the hangry lines of dairy connoisseurs or take your best friend and make a night of people watching whilst you impatiently waited for that first but not last, addictive hit of gelato.

And so begun the cult of Gelato Messina…

Sabachi & Co has teamed up with a company that prides themselves on delivering their followers a unique experience and sensory delight whilst continuing to set the benchmark of standards for their industry, this without a doubt is a huge honour and privilege for us at Sabachi & Co.

We at Sabachi & Co had the extraordinarily tough job (yeah right) to produce a candle for the Messina Melbourne degustation event that both complimented and tantalised their diner’s palates. We spent a few hours in our studio deciding which Messina flavour to replicate as a scent. In the beginning we thought that tasting all 40 gelato flavours would prove to be a source of inspiration for our team, however in the end we decided on a crowd favourite and their number one best selling gelato flavour, Salted Caramel & White Chocolate.

The creative team at Messina have once again pushed the culinary and collaborative boundaries by offering us addicts a degustation dining experience. Held to a sold out crowd in Melbourne this week, the ones fortunate enough to secure their tickets will be seated at tables of 8 and treated to 7 courses of Messina degustation delights with accompanying liquid concoctions to match. But hey to those who missed out and those on the waiting list, don’t stress just yet, tickets are still available to the Sydney seatings. 

There is no doubt Messina has created what some would describe as a dairy religion and so with that in mind, get yourself to your closest Gelato Messina to repent your tastebuds. For those who missed tickets, there’s no need to cry over spilt milk (or missed gelato degustation) head to to salivate your tastebuds with our Limited Edition Salted Caramel concoction.



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